3 Auto Repair In-Store Advertising Tactics to Try

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Are you missing a major opportunity to turn one-time customers into repeat customers? Auto repair in-store advertising tactics deliver your message to qualified, engaged consumers in the same place where they can make a purchase. Combined with your outbound marketing tactics, in-store advertising creates a well-rounded marketing strategy for your auto shop.

What is in-store advertising?

In-store advertising is placed inside your brick-and-mortar location. For auto repair shops, in-store advertising applies specifically to your waiting room and checkout area.  Messaging can promote special offers, deliver helpful tips, or even just list your menu of services.

No matter what message you choose, in-store advertising has a high success rate because you are targeting people who are very likely to buy!

Does it seem sort of funny to spend advertising dollars on people who are already customers? We get it. However, consumers are constantly weighing their options. So while you might be their preferred choice today, in-store messaging increases the chance that you’ll be their preferred choice six months from now.

3 Auto Repair In-Store Advertising Tactics

Upsell Services with Digital Signage

Customers who choose to hunker down in the waiting room while their car is worked on are a potential revenue opportunity for your business. Whether they’re waiting for 10 minutes or 2 hours, you have a captive, qualified audience in your waiting room. You may already have TVs that keep customers pre-occupied, but did you know that you can utilize  this medium to promote your own content?

A simple way to create digital signage is to use PowerPoint and an inexpensive computer. You can find a “computer on a stick” for just $155 that plugs into an inexpensive monitor ($82), and you can have a dynamic and well-placed ad running in no time.

For a more advanced option, there are digital signage services that can integrate your branded content with family-friendly TV programs.

In-store signage is a non-intrusive way to deliver your shop’s message. By educating customers about auto repair needs and the services available, you can empower them to make purchases while in your waiting area. Additionally, digital signage keeps customers entertained while they wait. This can reduce their perceived wait time, improving their customer experience.

Promote Coupons with Front Desk Signs

If you’re already running a coupon advertising campaign, a simple sign on the exit door of your store or handed out with a receipt can be a great way to keep customers coming back. It is necessary to think of customers as rented, not owned. Keeping your current customers happy has tremendous benefits in not only continued business but in referrals as well.

When our founder and owner ran McDonald’s franchises in the Houston area, he realized that his “regular” customers were more like fair-weather fans. When they weren’t eating at his restaurant, they were eating at similar chains. To combat this, he would offer a simple coupon to entice customers to add an extra visit for a Big Mac instead of venturing off to Burger King.

The lesson learned? Just because someone is a customer today, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be a customer tomorrow.

If you are concerned about a lower price without a benefit, you can use an external coupon program and then remind them about it at checkout. For example, if you have a receipt coupon at your local grocery store, you can have signage at the cash register reminding your customers to look for your offer the next time they are at the store. That may be just the incentive they need to choose your shop the next time they need an oil change or state inspection or pass that coupon along to a friend, family, or loved one (not always the same person).

Custom Printed Receipts

What kind of messaging will your customers see when they leave the shop?

One way to make sure they carry a piece of you with them is to customize your cash register receipts. Think about it; you’re already purchasing receipt paper for your POS system, why not take advantage of the real estate on the back?

custom printed receipt advertising for midas

Many businesses use this tactic to inspire repeat purchases. Some ways custom receipts can be utilized are through:


Extend your coupon advertising campaign to your receipts! Provide special discounts or offers for returning customers only.


Want to know how your customers really feel? Provide a link to a customer service survey on the back of your receipts. As your cashier hands receipts to customers, they can point out the survey on the back.


Advertising doesn’t always have to elicit an action. Sometimes, you just want to solidify a message in the minds of your customers. Custom printed receipts are a perfect vehicle for branding ads because they are expected and subtle.

BONUS TIP! Retain Loyal Customers with Email

To get an email list, you need to ask for emails. It seems obvious, but how many transactions have you had with a business where no one asked if you wanted to join their email list? In your store, this can start with training your staff, but you also need a way to record those email addresses.  MailChimp, has a great article on How to Build Your Email List. You can keep an inexpensive tablet at your register and have customers sign up there and don’t forget to update your website with clear calls to action.

Once you have the list, what will you send your customers and how often? IndoorMedia can actually help there as we provide weekly templates for you to send out each week. You can fill out our general inquiry form to get signed up!

Round out Your Marketing Strategy with Auto Repair In-Store Advertising

To inspire repeat purchases from customers, consider these auto repair in-store advertising tactics. Combined with your other advertising campaigns, in-store advertising creates a well-rounded message. Your customers won’t be able to escape you!

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