How a Thank You Note Can Be Your Secret Weapon

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Everyone wants to be recognized for an act of kindness. While you should never do anything good for someone merely to get their praise, there’s no denying that we all enjoy it when we get a thank you for a kind act such as a thank you note or even an expression of gratitude for helping someone during a difficult time.  A simple thank you note can also do wonders in terms of reputation management and customer retention. A thank-you note sent after an interaction, such as a meeting or phone call, shows customers how much they matter, encouraging them to stick around longer. 

How to Write the Perfect Thank You Note

Learning how to write a thank-you note is an excellent way to show your appreciation and that you care about the person who helped or supported you in any way.  There are a few essential points of note etiquette to remember, whether thanking someone for a thoughtful gift or making a purchase. First, be warm but professional, and keep the note concise.  From college move-in days, wedding gifts, baby showers, dinner parties, a note for a gift, or job interviews, thank you notes should always have these elements:
  • Salutation: Show your respect by starting with formal greetings such as Ms., Mrs., and Dr., followed by their last name. If you know the recipient well enough, you can use their first name. 
  • Specific details for thanking them: Let the recipient know why you’re writing by saying “thank you” in the first or second line of your thank you note. Thank them for something specific, providing additional information about how their actions helped you. 
If you received a gift card to help move into your dorm room, include what you plan to buy in your thank you note. Likewise, you might want to explain what you plan to do with generous wedding gifts in your wedding thank you notes.  After attending a dinner party, you can thank the host for a great time by mentioning one of the highlights from the party and what you enjoyed about it. Likewise, you can let them know that you appreciate their help when someone offers advice before a job interview. 
  • Appropriate closing: You can express your sincere gratitude and conclude with an appropriate phrase like “Best” or “Sincerely.” Finally, end your thank you note with your signature, whether it is handwritten or typed.
The key to learning what to write in a thank-you note is to make sure you personalize it and thank them for something specific. Looking at examples for thank you notes can inspire more ways to express your gratitude; they can even be used as templates when writing the perfect message. The recipient will appreciate a well-written thank-you note every time, creating a deeper bond with your business.

 What You Write in a Thank You Note Impacts Your Business 

There may be times when a customer mentions how your product improved their daily life in social media or how they received excellent customer service when they visited your business. Sending a thank you message to your customers is one of the best ways to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.  Customer appreciation plays a vital role in your online reputation management. It is crucial to show your patrons how much their business means if you are a restaurant owner. Following a guide to restaurant marketing can help you learn more about how customer reviews and comments on social media can impact your restaurant’s reputation.  After any interaction with a customer, you can also use this guide to writing thank you notes to express gratitude. You can build trust with your customers by sending a handwritten thank-you note. If you want to make thanking your customers easier, try using text messages as one of your communication methods. 

Thank You Note Etiquette and Testimonials 

Sometimes, following a transaction, you may ask your customers to take time out of their day to write a testimonial for your website or even a handwritten note to display in your store. When consumers have a positive experience and indulge in writing testimonials, it’s essential to thank them properly.  For digital testimonials sent via email or left in the comments on a blog post, you can reply by sending a message back or leaving a comment in response. Keep it brief by expressing your gratitude for their kind words and end with a line about looking forward to seeing them again soon. This invitation leaves the door open for repeat business.  When customers leave an in-person testimonial for you to display in-store, consider sending them a follow-up thank-you note roughly 24-hours later either by direct mail, text message, or email. This lets them know their actions are appreciated and makes your brand more attractive to them in the future.  Check out an IndoorMedia testimonial to reference the type of note you may receive from customers. Consider how you can personalize your response either with the wording you choose or by sending a handwritten thank you. 

The Power of a Thank You Note

Thank you notes are a great way to show your appreciation for any occasion, including interactions with your customers. As you find ways to improve your online reputation management with thank you notes, you can go a long way to show you value your customers’ business and establish goodwill.  Though it may seem like common courtesy to thank consumers who invest their money in your business, you can think of it as a marketing strategy. Customers may share personalized thank you notes received from your brand on social media, creating inadvertent advertising. Therefore, a thank you note is a powerful tool in marketing your brand.

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