How to Beat Writer’s Block When it Comes to Social Media Posts

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It may be hard to believe, but yes, even social media managers get writer’s block. In today’s world, it can be exhausting to try to think of a new prompt or message to share every single day. Pushing yourself to be carefree and creative takes a lot of careful planning.  Influencers make it easy, but it’s important to remember that each of them has a huge team behind them. Contracts make it easy for them to post content around new brands, but as a small business owner — that content is up to you to create.  Returning to your brand every day to mine your brain for more content may have you wanting to give up, but hang in there. At the end of the day, it’s easier than you think. 

Create a Schedule 

The secret to creating content every single day is to create a schedule and stick to it. Navigating the world of content creation without prompts is near impossible and not suggested. Instead, follow this plan for daily content prompts and get ready for smooth sailing. 

Monday: Humor 

Everyone needs a little pick me up at the start of the week, so make a splash with a funny post. This is also great for you as the social media manager because you can repost a meme or video you like instead of having to think of a brand new video on your first day back from the weekend.  Make sure to keep your content on-brand, and make sure your “funny post” is still ultimately related to the field you work in. Bonus points if you can create your own meme around some locals-only humor. 

Tuesday: Poll

Depending on what platform you’re using, you can create a poll by several different means. Wherever you decide to do so, make sure your post remains interactive for at least 24 hours so you can watch how many of your followers engage with your content. Try to pose a question that will resonate with your fans or inform your future services. 

Wednesday: Advertise Your Promotions

If you’ve looked into grocery store advertising, post an image of your supermarket advertisement. Tell fans to reply with a picture of their coupons from your grocery store advertising campaign for an extra discount!  This can help you repost a ton of extra content and get customers excited about shopping local to score an additional discount from your supermarket advertisement. 

Thursday: A Day In the Life 

Post some content from inside your store to show your customers what your business is all about. This can be an opportunity to show off or connect with your fans; it’s really up to you to highlight what you feel is important to your business right at that moment.  Maybe that means sharing an inside look into the holiday prep your restaurant is doing to keep up with event catering or a great back-to-school haircut you gave to an awesome junior client. Whatever it is, your fans will be happy to see it. 

Friday: Share a Teachable Moment 

Today, tutorials make the world go round. Video content has quickly become the most shared form of content, and much of this is thanks to how-to and funny videos. While funny videos may go viral for a few days, how-to videos remain relevant and often slowly collect impressions for years.  Releasing smart videos every Friday around a teachable moment you found in your business is a great way to share your ideas with your followers. You’ll be able to create strong, relevant content for your fans while also showing off your expertise. 

Saturday: Shout-Outs 

It’s always a good idea to link back to your fans when they share content about your business. Whether that means reposting the best photo you saw this week of your products or services or shouting out another business that keeps encouraging you along the way, it’s always important to do what you can to “give back.”  Plus, tagging another user directly means that they will be more likely to share your post themselves and expose your brand to all their followers. This can mean a ton of free press for your business and an opportunity for new, lasting impressions. 

Sunday: Freebie

It’s nice to leave one day of the week open on your schedule, so you always have time to share an unexpected breakthrough or feature a relevant fan or partner.  If leaving the day blank is too much pressure, look back through your posts and create a prompt around your most successful content. For example, if you find that your how-to videos are really taking off, maybe you can feature the finished product from a fan who followed along.  If simple content is resonating with your fans, don’t stress! Sometimes it’s best to stick to the basics, especially if that means giving your followers a look inside your daily life. If cute photos of your dog are outperforming all your other content, don’t be afraid to give your fans what they want. 

Create Flexibility 

At the end of the day, this plan will come down to creating and testing content. If you find that the posts you make for one of your prompts aren’t receiving very many impressions, it’s probably not resonating with your followers. This may mean it’s time to switch it up and rethink your strategy.  Try to stay open to changing your social media strategy, as you can only learn what works through trial and error. No one receives the same stellar amount of likes on every single post, but you can learn more and more about your audience every time you try.  Remember that big brands and national chains are probably implementing a similar strategy, so it can be super helpful to look to them for inspiration. Whatever you need to do, let yourself experiment. You’ll be a social media guru in no time.

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