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Restaurant Advertising

By Anna Ruby On March 13, 2018

A Direct Impact to Your Bottom Line

Restaurant owners face mountains of challenges. Saturated markets, changes in consumer eating habits, and ever-changing technology are just a few of the outside factors that challenge your day to day. You've worked countless hours opening and managing your restaurant, priming it for success. From hiring the best employees to setting a great tasting menu, you've made sure that every detail makes a direct impact to your bottom line.

Make a Tangible Difference in Your Advertising

IndoorMedia’s Register Tapes Unlimited division is a 1 year program that puts your restaurant on the path to successful advertising. Following our program steps, you will identify your market, design your offer, and publish your ad. Careful monitoring gives you the opportunity to modify your program to do more of what works. Get started today with the only small business program designed from the ground up to make a direct impact to your bottom line. 


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"I have curtailed other media as they seem to have a diminishing return. We have six locations supported by local grocery store coupons and I am adding 3 stores this year. I'm a believer as we saw 19% growth last year." - Shannon Seaford, Papa Murphy's

Average Coupons Redeemed: 100 per week, 400 per month 

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"We love the return on our investment! Dollar for dollar, this is the best advertising money we've spent with over five times the return! It is an excellent program." - Charles Johnson, Rivals Sports Grille

Average Coupons Redeemed: 21 per week, 84 per month 

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"We have done the Beaches Leader, Mint Magazine, the Money pages, the Money Mailer, and Valpak, and RTUI is the only advertising I do that gets us results every single day of the week. It has made a huge impact on my business for years." - Jim Mabry, Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Average Coupons Redeemed: 145 per week, 580 per month


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