What’s the Best Way to Advertise Auto Shop Coupons?

advertising for consumer packaged good companies on grocery store receipts

Auto shop coupons are powerful tools to increase traffic, and more importantly, profits. However, the actual ROI can vary greatly based on the offer and how they’re distributed. An unmotivating offer, like 10% off, may not be enough to move customers to switch from their current provider or even be more appealing than your competitor down the street.

Obviously, the more potential customers who receive your ad (and actually look at it) the more coupons will eventually be redeemed. In this article, we are going to look at the best placement for your coupons. You need your coupons to be where your customers are and presented in a way that is obvious but not intrusive.

At IndoorMedia, we’ve helped thousands of auto shops find a 5-6 times ROI on their coupon advertising by advertising in the very hub of a neighborhood: your local grocery store. While it isn’t the only place to advertise, there are a number of reasons advertising auto shop coupons at a nearby grocery store leads to great results and is your first, best option.

Advertise Auto Shop Coupons at Your Local Grocery Store

You already know that coupons work to increase profits at auto repair shops. And you may even be running a direct mail, social media, or email campaign to get those coupons out.

Now that you’ve done some experimenting, have you ever thought about using your local grocery store to do the heavy-lifting for you?

Yes, your local grocery store!

With grocery store receipt advertising, your auto shop coupons are printed on the receipts handed out at your local grocery store. These are the same receipts every single shopper (nearly 20,000 a week) receives after checking out. If you dig into your wallet right now and pull out your last receipt, chances are you’ll see a few coupons for local businesses on there.

Contact an IndoorMedia Consultant today to feature your auto shop at your local grocery store.

What are the benefits of grocery store receipt advertising?

There are four reasons why you should take advantage of the advertising at your local grocery store:

1. Repetition

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How often do you buy a new product or service immediately after seeing the ad? Probably not that often. More likely, it’s not until the ninth time you receive a direct mail postcard for an auto repair shop that you’re ready to get an oil change. Advertising requires this kind of repetition to be effective. And while other advertising may take 10 months to reach the same consumer 10 times, grocery store receipts are handed out every time your ideal customer checks out from the store. Statistically, this is 1.5 times a week!

2. Appeal

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Advertising is all about actionable, eye-catching messages that take an unsuspecting citizen and turn them into a customer. If your message isn’t compelling (or your design is just plain dull), you may not be able to appeal to shoppers over your competition. Grocery store receipt coupons grab shopper’s attention with bright colors and a great offer. Many people expect to find coupons on their receipt! The ads feel natural and native, not intrusive or obnoxious.

3. Targeting

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If you’re going to make an investment in advertising, it needs to be sent to people who are likely to become your customers. Consumers tend to stick close to home when they shop. By placing your auto shop coupons on the grocery store receipts, you can target by demographic and location by merely selecting the grocery store closest to your business.

4. Exposure

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Have you ever paid for advertising and wondered if anyone actually saw it? Grocery store advertising takes out the guesswork. Because receipts are placed in the hands of every shopper, you can be confident that your message is seen.

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How to Get Your Auto Shop Coupons on Grocery Store Receipts

Determine if Your Auto Shop is up to CODE.

CODE is an acronym we use to qualify a business before recommending an advertising program.

  • Category – What kind of business are you? Oil change, glass repair, and car washes tend to see great success with grocery store receipt advertising. Auto businesses that require a little more trust before buying (like dealerships) are more successful with branding ads.
  • Offer – Can you provide a coupon discount that is enticing to customers? If your coupon is too weak, it may not be enough to drive behavior. Your coupon offer should be compelling while driving profit on each transaction.
  • Distance – Is your auto shop located within 3-5 miles of your local grocery store? Remember, you want to target consumers that live close to your shop. If your auto shop is 20 miles away from the closest grocery store, will shoppers drive that far to visit you?
  • Execution – Do you have a system for tracking coupon redemptions internally? This can be through a POS system, or by using a printed coupon tracking sheet.

Get Referrals from Local Auto Shops

Still not sure if advertising your auto shop on grocery store receipts is the right move for your business? We totally get it and encourage you to ask the auto shop owners in your community about their experience with our program.

Find auto shop coupon advertisers in your area.

Work with a Consultant to Get Started

First, you’ll need to get in touch with your local IndoorMedia consultant. They work and live in your community, and can provide some time-tested advice on how to reach your local shoppers.

Once you get in touch, the two of you will sit down and discuss your business, your competition, and what advertising has worked for you in the past.  By the end of your conversation, you’ll know exactly which grocery store to target and what kind of discount to offer.

Next, our Production team will work with you to design an eye-catching ad while you work with your employees to determine the best way to track coupon redemptions.

That’s it! From printing to installation, our team will do the rest.

3 Tips for Success

  1. Follow our Code

This acronym was created by our owner and founder, Doug Endsley. Over 30 years, it has consistently helped businesses determine if this advertising solution is right for them.

  1. Check out Your Competition

Are they running ads on your local grocery store’s receipts? If so, can you beat their offer? We only allow 2 ads for each category, so you can lock out other competitors by securing the auto shop ad space at your local grocery store.

  1. Trust the Process

Advertising is not a silver bullet, and you won’t see results immediately. That’s okay! All advertising needs time to build recognition. However, if after 3 months you feel that something’s not right, talk to your marketing consultant, and they’ll do an evaluation of your campaign to see where we can improve.

Ready to get your auto shop coupons featured at the local grocery store? Contact us today to speak with your local IndoorMedia consultant.
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