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Genre: Mid-Career Cure

Will Whalen
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About this track

This was about witnessing a very passionate, intense relationship from the outside. More than anything, I found the passion itself intoxicating, and wrote an ode to their connection.

My Typewriter and Me
Genre: Acoustic Cumulative

Zoe Gray
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About this track

This is a stripped-down acoustic song with just me (several times over), a piano, and a recording of my actual typewriter for percussion. This song functions kind of like the “12 Days of Christmas”, if the 12 Days of Christmas was a little more bittersweet and a lot more self-analyzing.

To New Beginnings
Genre: Americana Singer/Songwriter

Harriet Reynolds
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About this track

Harriet's newest album is a tour de force--from the lively, uplifting "To New Beginnings" to the simplistic beauty of "True North," to the cozy lounge standard "Autumn Is My Favorite Time of Year," this album delivers and she has knocked it out of the park with this one!

House of the Rising Sun
Genre: A Capella Blues Rock

Hyannis Sound
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About this track

This rendition of a classic comes from the summer of 2020. This summer, nearly all of the group’s performances were virtual. Every night, they would livestream concerts on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok for fans all over the world. All of the repertoire from this summer is symbolic of the group’s persistence to stay alive as a self-run small business despite difficult circumstances.

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