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Beauty, Hair, and Nail Salon Marketing & Advertising

The current attention span of most customers and prospects is 8 seconds. This means beauty, hair, and nail salons have only 8 seconds to convince potential customers to try their salon services. However, is this factually possible?

Modern marketing strategies require more than a formulaic approach. It requires an in-depth understanding of the industry, customers and mastery of marketing channels. It isn’t a secret that salons need digital marketing more than ever. The challenge is most salon business owners don’t know where to start.

This guide highlights important marketing strategies for salon businesses and why they need a marketing agency.

Why Do You Need a Salon Marketing Agency?

The marketing world, especially digital marketing, is dynamic. From endless algorithm updates to changing website designs, it has become harder for businesses to reach their target audience. Entrepreneurs who understand the importance of staying relevant and visible to target customers should prioritize marketing.

Salon businesses should overlook the importance of having a business marketing strategy or leave marketing tasks to interns. One wrong move and the company’s reputation and future go down the drain. While the choice to hire a salon marketing agency comes down to specific business needs, working with experts is beneficial.

Below are a few reasons hair salons should work with a marketing agency:

1. Marketing expertise

The biggest benefit of hiring a marketing agency is undoubtedly the unmatched expertise. Marketing agencies comprise SEO professionals, web design experts, content masters, graphic designers, and social media marketing professionals, all with hands-on experience in creating digital marketing strategies for businesses.

Staying ahead of competitors requires salon business owners to stay on top of advertising trends, such as customer behavior, SEO changes, and more. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram constantly update their rules and terms of service. Remaining on top of search engine results also requires an extensive understanding of search algorithms. Unless you are a marketing expert, hiring a marketing agency is a viable way to create your salon business.

2. Marketing agencies offer a fresh perspective

Working with an in-house marketing team is effective and successful for most businesses. However, even with their expertise, producing fresh, creative, and outstanding ideas that can take the business to the next level can prove challenging. Most in-house teams have tunnel vision and fear, raising bold ideas and concerns.

On the other hand, marketing agencies focus on the consumer’s perspective. The primary goal of marketing agencies is to attract new clients while maintaining existing clients. To achieve this, agencies encourage innovative, out-of-box ideas that take businesses a step ahead of their competitors.

For instance, maintaining a social media strategy is complicated. As such, you can easily end up using repetitive posts, which are boring and a turn-off to loyal customers. Marketing agencies can help salon business owners by providing creative and engaging social media marketing ideas.

3. Access to technology and trends

Keeping up with the latest marketing and technological trends is certainly daunting, especially for salon owners who have a business to run. Working with marketing agencies eliminates the struggles of creating captions and finding out how many hashtags should be used.

Marketing agencies come with everything they need to make your salon business stay ahead of the competition. Must-have tools, such as keyword planners, keyword research, social media marketing, SEO, and metric tools, are expensive to start and manage. Businesses don’t have to maintain this subscription, as marketing agencies have already subscribed accounts.

4. Flexible, eliminates learning curves, and is less risky

Marketing agencies are very flexible, unlike working with in-house marketing employees. Employing agencies also reduces the risks of experimenting with various strategies in a real-world environment. Marketing agencies know what works and what can’t work for your salon business.

5. More time to focus on running the business

Normally, entrepreneurs have a fully-packed schedule. Handling marketing takes away a lot of valuable time that would otherwise be spent on managing other aspects of the business. Hiring a marketing agency frees business owners to handle better, more urgent issues and focus on improving their products and services.

The Ins and Outs of the Salon Business

The beauty industry has surpassed $56 billion, and the hair care market continues rising, even amidst recessions. While opening a salon business often seems glamorous, running a salon is like managing any other small business. You must put in hard work, long hours, and extensive research to succeed. However, you can reduce the chances of failing by learning the tricks of the salon business.

Consider the following steps for opening a successful salon business:

1. Have a business plan

Most successful businesses start with a business plan, and the beauty salon business isn’t an exception. A detailed business plan should include customer segments, acquisition channels (Facebook and Instagram ads), revenue streams, suppliers, and important business relationships.

Simply put, a business plan should go beyond outlining the salon design and providing hair styling services. You should conduct extensive market research to ensure there’s a market gap in your area, and opening the business will fill the gap. You should also have a checklist to refer to during the initial stages. The checklist should feature the following:

The salon’s legal structure

  • Location
  • Business name
  • Get a license and insurance to operate
  • Choose suppliers
  • Purchase the relevant equipment
  • Hire stylists and train new hires

2. Determine the startup costs

Business financing is an important determiner of business success. Therefore, entrepreneurs should estimate and find the capital required to start and run the business. This should include the upfront and operating costs required to run the business for the first few months before it becomes profitable.

The main tenet of opening a salon service is balancing the operating costs, which include rent, insurance, and inventory, versus what you’ll charge for services. Balancing these two is a must for the business to make a profit. The operating costs primarily depend on the salon size and your scope of vision. However, how services are priced is somehow predetermined because prices are universal.

3. Choose a location and hire staff

Most beauty salons start as offshoots of others when former employees move on with their endeavors and possibly convince their clients to follow them. Nonetheless, choosing the location is crucial. You should ensure the salon is centrally located and in an area with huge foot traffic.

Location aside, hiring the right salon employees can also break or make your business. Therefore, you shouldn’t rush to fill the vacant posts. Your first employees set the tone and determine your business’ reputation.

4. Market your salon

With everything on the business plan handled, you should focus on bringing new clients and converting them into loyal clients. You can start by tapping into your existing clients and informing them of your new location. Give clients who chose to move with you some appreciation and encourage them to refer others.

That aside, you should find ways of attracting customers to your business. In the current digital era, you can leverage endless salon marketing ideas, including social media marketing, salon website, local advertising, and more. For this, you should consider hiring a salon marketing agency.

5. Scale carefully

Like any other entrepreneur, you may have a unique salon marketing idea that can take your business to another level. However, big visions often come with a big price tag, which you may not afford in the first days. Rent and equipment can take up most of your startup costs. It is prudent to start small and scale gradually. Find ways to attract customers and grow your business without breaking the bank.

Grow Your Salon with Our Marketing Agency

IndoorMedia delivers custom marketing solutions that broaden the customer base for your salon business. We use multiple channels and capitalize on every opportunity to generate and convert leads into loyal customers. Our salon marketing services include:

  • Social Media Marketing

While salon businesses primarily benefit from word-of-mouth advertising, we improve and complement these efforts with social media marketing. Social media marketing is a crucial part of digital marketing for hair salons. We help businesses create viral content, not just for likes and followers, but also to grow a community of engaged followers and customers.

  • Search Engine Optimization

IndoorMedia’s marketing experts perform on-site and off-site SEO and keyword research to boost your website’s search engine ranking. We also implement tried and tested SEO strategies that increase organic traffic and expand your market reach.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is part of our digital marketing services. We help businesses nurture their leads by providing company updates, promotional content, newsletters, and insightful information to subscribers on their email lists. 

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing is the backbone of digital marketing. We create quality and insightful articles and blog posts that will compel site visitors to take action. Our digital marketing services include content creation for video scripts, social media, and blogs.

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

Our marketing agency also offers top-notch PPC services to improve search engine visibility, brand trust, and conversions. Our PPC strategies make it easy for our clients to meet customer demands, reach target customers, and beat the competition.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

As a leading online marketing agency, we focus on ensuring our customers multiply their leads and boost their business bottom line. Everything we do, right from SEO, content writing, and PPC advertising, is to ensure our clients drive leads and increase revenue.

Why Choose IndoorMedia as Your Hair Salon Marketing Agency

Salons and other service industries thrive on word-of-mouth marketing and customer trust. Therefore, your brand voice is as important as high-quality services. Our team uses effective marketing solutions to reach your ideal customers and achieve business goals. You should choose our services for the following reasons:

  • Client-Driven Approach

IndoorMedia is a marketing agency that values clients’ goals and vision. We are client-focused and try to understand our clients before getting to work. We use every interaction as an opportunity to understand your business vision and find strong solutions that meet your needs.

  • Expert Solutions

As third-party digital marketing specialists, you can rely on our expert marketing services for your search engine optimization to customer retargeting efforts. We’ve worked and delivered impressive results to hundreds of small, medium, and large businesses. With this, you can trust your salon marketing campaign is in safe hands.

  • Results Focused

Our marketing team only deploys and implements strategies that work. We don’t waste time and money on outdated marketing strategies that don’t guarantee results. We use the latest technology and adopt the best practices to deliver results.

  • Top-Notch Training and Support

At IndoorMedia, we offer 24/7/365 customer support. We also give our customers access to a direct line, where they can contact a specialist directly. We also offer training to equip your team with the latest skills. 

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