How Many Ways Can We Say It?

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This blog is supposed to be a resource for our customers, both current and potential. We have articles about Coupon Advertising and Brand Advertising. We talk about getting ROI on your advertising, tips for Insurance Agents, Realtors, Restaurants, Dry Cleaners, and Auto Shops.

We also understand that the internet is anything but a fad and that you have a choice in advertising. So we have created articles about Digital Advertising to help guide our customers there as well. We do this because we know it is important for our customers to understand all their options, and the more informed a customer is the better customer they will be!

We’ve covered Online Reputation Management, Google Local Services Ads, Building Your Online Following, and Claiming Local Listings. We’ve talked about Print vs. Grocery Store Advertising, and Online vs. Print.

A Step Back

So, today, I’d like to take a step back. Rather than show you the context of where IndoorMedia fits in general advertising or the detailed features of grocery store advertising or how to improve ROI, I want to spend some time talking about the most important thing for our company: our customers and our people.

Who is the typical IndoorMedia customer? It’s a business owner who is trying hard to deliver a reasonable product or service at a reasonable price. They are local pizza restaurant owners or eyeglass franchisees. They own a bowling alley or a car wash. They are realtors, and lawyers, and emergency room operators. These are the customers our company has been serving for 30 years. They are who have built our business and they are the key to our success.

Creating Partnerships through Profit

At the end of the day, the reason IndoorMedia exists is one simple fact: we offer a unique service that delivers a profit for our customers. This isn’t theoretical. This isn’t conjecture. We prove this fact every year through thousands of customers.

By delivering ads at grocery stores, we deliver incredible targeting, exposure, and repetition at a cost unavailable to any other form of advertising. If you learn more about why grocery store advertising works, you will discover that IndoorMedia provides all the benefits of digital advertising (and other print advertising) with less risk. In fact, we believe that IndoorMedia advertising should be your first, best advertising.

That is the ultimate value proposition of IndoorMedia: Proven, Profitable advertising.

What Do Others Have to Say?

I can understand if you are skeptical. Hearing from us, about us, seems a little self-serving, and it is. But, let me remind you about the “Proven” part of our catchphrase. To demonstrate our customer commitment, we have compiled thousands of testimonials over our 30 years. Let our customers tell you about their experience, their increase in business, and why they keep using our services.

So, Just Do It?

Well, almost. While it is our firm belief that IndoorMedia should be the foundation of your advertising campaign, that is ONLY if we are the right fit for you. Just to dwell on that for a minute, I attended the 2018 Pizza Expo in Las Vegas with a couple of our sales team this year. (As an aside, I have never been to a convention with so many tasty handouts!) One of the most amazing things I saw was just how quickly our sales team qualified, not the customer, but the opportunity. Despite our 9500+ locations, there are simply businesses that don’t fit our service. Our sales team were very upfront about that. If you don’t meet our CODE (Category, Offer, Distance, Execution) and we know we won’t deliver the type of ROI you’d expect, we’d rather point you to someone else.

The Short of It

IndoorMedia delivers an incredibly unique service for its customers. They have the advantage of advertising in an exclusive way with better targeting, exposure, and repetition than virtually any other medium, while doing it at a price that works for almost any business. It is all very exciting, and yet, it is so simple. That is why I enjoy working here, it is why our sales reps enjoy working here, it is why our production team enjoys working here, and most importantly, it is why our customers enjoy working with us. I look forward to seeing your ad soon.


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