Contract Terms and Conditions

A. The named business (hereafter known as “Advertiser”), by its acceptance of this contract agrees that the following
conditions will govern the course of dealings between IndoorMedia (hereafter known as “Distributor”).

B. No Verbal Agreement(s) apply. Any changes to this agreement(s) must be in writing, initialed and accepted by Distributor.

C. Distributor cannot guarantee any advertising performance or level of response. No verbal estimate as to effectiveness should ever
be interpreted as a guarantee of results.

D. Within 30 days of receiving contract/s, Advertiser should receive a “Welcome/Verification” email from Distributor (unless
otherwise directed by Advertiser or Distributor’s Marketing Representative). The purpose is to verify accuracy and details
of the contract and provide Distributor with important contact information.

E. Advertiser agrees to provide ad copy to Distributor in accordance with the deadline established by Distributor. If
Advertiser fails to furnish ad copy, or fails to respond to proof by the stated deadline, the ad copy will print as is. Advertiser
warrants ad copy does not infringe upon the copyright of any third party, nor is it libelous, scandalous or invades any rights
of any party. Advertiser acknowledges that the color content of advertisements is subject to slight variances.

F. AD OWNERSHIP – Your ad design and any created logo is a product of the Distributor’s artists’ creative abilities (unless it
was provided to us by you or your agency) and it is the property of Distributor. The use of the ad and/or logo for any other
purpose is strictly forbidden. You may purchase the ownership of your ad for $200, and/or created logo for $300. The ads
and/or logo will be yours to do with as you wish. The artwork will be saved in several different formats, including layered
files, which will allow for manipulation by other artists who may be using your artwork.

G. Distributor may at their option, publish Advertiser’s ad on the internet or mobile app during the length of the contract.

H. All invoices are due upon receipt. Advertiser agrees to pay a service charge of $10 per month on invoices over (30) thirty
days past due. A $25 fee will apply for returned checks and/or ACH. Should any Auto Credit Card payment be declined,
Distributor reserves its right to charge the past due amount, at any time, through the duration of this contract. If it becomes
necessary for Distributor to place Advertiser’s account with attorneys for collection, Advertiser agrees to pay all costs of
collection efforts, including reasonable attorney fees.

I. In the event Advertiser sells or assigns their business, it is agreed that the Advertiser will pay into escrow the full amount
owed under this contractual agreement with the instruction to remit the aforementioned escrow upon closing directly to
Distributor at the address listed on the contract.

J. It is agreed that in the event any action is brought to enforce or interpret the provisions of this contract, only a court
located in Harris County, Texas shall have jurisdiction to hear such matters. The validity of this contract and the rights and
duties of the parties hereunder shall be governed under the laws of the State of Texas.

K. Any renewal contract that comes in with a past due balance is subject to forfeiture of deposit and cancellation of renewal.

L. Distributor reserves the right to transfer advertisement to the nearest available location in the event the original agreed
upon location closes or becomes unavailable for installation of advertisement.

M. Unless stated in writing, in this contract, all ads are non-exclusive as to type or category of business, not precluding
advertising in other areas of the store.

N. Distributor agrees to give its best efforts and apply due diligence to the best of its ability to guard against any loss to
Advertiser through failure of other persons who are not employees of the Distributor to execute properly their
commitments but, Distributor will not be liable for any failure on the part of the third parties to honor their commitments.

O. Start date is approximate. If for any reason, there is a delay in distribution, Advertiser agrees to an extension to compensate
for the value of lost time.

P. Distributor reserves the right to reject this contract in part or whole upon receipt and subsequent review by corporate

Q. Make all checks payable to lndoorMedia, NO CASH PAYMENTS. Bank/Credit card statements and receipts will read

R. This contract is non-cancellable by Advertiser.