Custom Printed Receipts

Drive Repeat Purchases through Your Own POS System

Encourage Repeat Purchases

Turn the existing cost of receipt tape into a profit-generating tool. Strategic Print Solution’s custom printed receipts are a native way to advertise to your customers every time they make a purchase. This piece of advertising is handed directly to your customers with bright, branded imagery that prompts repeat business.

Strategic Print Solutions at IndoorMedia

Extended Exposure

With SPS, your message is handed directly to your customers when they make a purchase and then travels with them after they leave your business. This persistent exposure causes your message to show up again and again, driving the customer’s decision to make a repeat purchase.

Better Advertising for Your Buck

Spending money on blank receipt tape is a sunk cost, and buying additional location-based advertising is expensive. Strategic Print Solutions’ custom printed receipts allow you to get more value for your advertising dollar by turning that expense into a profit-generating tool.

Advertise Locally or Nationally

We can provide custom receipts for any number of stores, market segments, and even national distribution. This means you can target a specific geographic to roll out a new product or provide nationwide distribution to simply keep your business front and center in your customer’s minds. You pick the level of distribution, we provide the advertising.

Craft Your Message

There is no wrong answer when it comes to what you can put on your receipt tape. Many of our customers choose to highlight special, seasonal promotions while others choose to use their real estate for branding purposes. Some even offer tickets to local events! Your receipt tape is valuable real estate, so we customize it to suit your advertising needs.

Businesses We Work With

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Take Advantage of Your Receipt Real Estate

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